The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

idealmanGenre: Mystery, Suspense, Romance
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: August 2011

Ellie Sullivan is a successful trauma surgeon who is loved by co-workers and patients alike. She has worked hard and has made many sacrifices to get this far. But when Ellie witnesses the shooting of an FBI agent, her life is turned upside down.

FBI agent Max Daniels has pursued the Landry’s for years. His hunt brings him to St. Louis and to the beautiful Dr. Sullivan. Neither one of them is looking for a relationship, but each time they are around one another the heat rises from 0 to 100 in seconds. Suddenly, keeping Ellie safe becomes very personal for Max. A task that is easier said than done, especially when her past crashes down around her.

The Ideal Man is a story of intense, whirlwind emotions—and following them, sometimes to a deadly ending. Fun and snappy banter between the characters keeps the story from becoming too heavy as the reader joins them on their emotional and terrifying ride. Garwood does a wonderful job at transferring the characters’ feelings to her audience. The reader will grip the book with anger, fear, and disappointment all before the novel is finished.

While I enjoyed the book’s fast pace, I didn’t like that it carried over to the romance. The relationship went too fast. Though Garwood tried to paint it as love, I never saw more than just plain lust. The reader should be prepared for some explicit bedroom scenes and crude conversations.

Review copy provided by publisher.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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