Fear No Evil by Robin Carroll

Fear-No-Evil-by-Robin-CarrollGenre: Mystery/Romance
Publisher: B & H Publishing Group
Publication Date: August 2010

Lincoln Vailes liked his job as a Smoky Mountains park ranger. It wasn’t in his plans to move to Eternal Falls, Lousiana. But like so many times before, life had something different in store. With his father deteriorating rapidly in a nursing home, Lincoln moves closer to his parents.

Jade Laurent recently graduated from college and has her first job as a social worker. Eager to make a difference, she is determined to be an advocate for the abused. With a past of her own, Jade understands what it means to be weak and alone. The memories are what push her to fight.  But someone is trying to harm her and several attempts on her life tell her that they won’t stop until they succeed.

The more Lincoln investigates, the less things add up. Is a disgruntled husband behind the attacks? And how does the connection he finds to big-city gangs fit in? Lincoln feels like God has forgotten him and ever since then has had no use for the “Greater Being.” But this case is turning out to be too big for the small-town cop to handle alone and it might be the very thing to bring the stubborn and self-reliant man to his knees.

Robin Carroll’s Fear No Evil is a story of finding hope in pain and strength in weakness. The characters in this novel show us that we have the choice to overcome or be overcome. The world is full of challenges and adversity, and it is how we face them that determines who we are.

Be prepared for a book that will make your blood boil and tears flow. I enjoyed the complexity of the characters and how they had so many layers — some of them good and some bad. Finding these allows the reader to uncover what drives the characters and their choices. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a story that goes beyond an entertaining romance/mystery. Fear No Evil will inspire you to make a difference and stand up for what is right.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Radiant Lit.


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