You Belong To Me by Karen Rose

belongtomeGenre: Romance, Suspense
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: June 2011

Dead bodies are a dime a dozen in Lucy Trask’s world. She’s a medical examiner and death holds no surprises for her. All that changes when she stumbles across the mutilated corpse of a friend while jogging through the park. When a trail of tortured bodies is left for Lucy to discover, one thing is certain. Someone is out for revenge, and Lucy is somehow at the center of the killer’s endgame.

Death and violence are nothing new to Afghanistan war veteran J.D. Fitzpatrick. He has seen his share of gruesomeness. However, the mutilated bodies that keep appearing reach a whole new realm. With each murder, J.D. is convinced the killer is reserving Lucy for his/her grand finale. As J.D. struggles to protect the beautiful and independent ME, he finds himself losing control of his heart and emotions. Protecting her becomes as much a personal task as it does his job. But how can he keep Lucy safe with all the secrets she’s keeping? Somehow, he must convince her to trust him.

You Belong to Me by Karen Rose is a gripping novel that stole my breath as my heart beat faster. I enjoyed how Rose masterfully toyed with my emotions, pumping a dose of fear into my veins (without ever making it too uncomfortable). The reader’s adrenaline will flow as a deranged killer exacts revenge while staying a step (or two) ahead of the police. This is a novel for those looking for a good thriller — one that makes the hairs on the back of your neck prickle as you shut off the light at night. You Belong to Me will draw the reader into a dangerous web that will make the book hard to set aside. Strong writing makes the 512 pages race by in sync with the reader’s heartbeat. However, the reader should be prepared for some colorful language, graphic details and explicit sexual scenes. While I would have preferred having these toned down, I did enjoy figuring out the mystery.

Review copy provided by publisher.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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