Fatal Embrace by Aris Whittier

fatalembraceGenre: Romance, Suspense
Publisher: Five Star Expression
Publication Date: October 2010

Tragedy pushed Detective Michael Carven into early retirement. Fleeing the pain and memories, he built a thriving horse ranch — a place to lick his wounds away from the rest of the world. Three years later, a serial killer is on the loose and the police are stumped. Leaving no evidence or clues behind, the killer is like a ghost. Chief Dan Walker, Michael’s former partner, asks him to return and help the department solve the case. Michael agrees, but needs someone to temporarily replace him at the ranch. When Michael meets his new foreman, Jess Stanson, the last thing expected was for “him” to actually be a beautiful and feisty young woman. Michael is determined to fix the mix-up and send her packing right back to where she came from.

Jessica Stanson refuses to be run off just because she’s a woman. She can do her job just as well, if not better, than any man. Overcoming their initial bumpy start, Jessica discovers a complex man hiding beneath his seemingly tough exterior. As she comes to understand this loyal and hardworking man, she finds herself falling for him, but Michael’s past prevents him from lowering his guard around anyone, especially her.

When Jessica becomes the only witness in the case, the killer can’t let the one person who can identify him, live. It is up to Michael to protect the woman who is threatening to steal his heart.

I am happy to say that Aris Whittier outsmarted me with her novel, Fatal Embrace. Once she unmasked the killer, it made perfect sense. Still, not once did I suspect that person of being the murderer. Whittier keeps her audience glued from beginning to end as she makes the character’s feelings become one with those of the reader. Fatal Embrace is good for anyone looking for a cleaner Nora Roberts’ kind of story. Whittier offers the suspense without having to trudge through sex scenes about every other chapter. However, the reader should be aware there are some bedroom scenes toward the end of the novel, as well as some bad language. Other than that, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to romance/suspense aficionados.

Review copy provided by publisher.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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