Raider’s Heart by Marcia Gruver

raidersheartGenre: Romance
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publication Date: February 2011

“She shuddered and laid the book aside. Memoirs of Captivity among the Indians of North America turned out to be a poor choice of reading material while seated alone in Father’s den in the dead of night. How horrid to watch the murder of your parents, the pillage of your home. Then to be bound against your will and carted off to a strange place? Another shudder took her, mostly from the terrible thought but partly because of the draft blowing under the partially open window.”


When Dawsey Wilkes entered her father’s den, she didn’t expect a blanket to be tossed over her head nor being shoved through the window. Her captors flee with her into the night. They take her to a world very different from her own. This place that at first repulses her holds secrets that change her life forever.

Hooper McRae had only wanted to catch a glimpse of the treasure he’d heard so much about. He hadn’t expected Dawsey to interrupt and in his panic he kidnapped her. But it’s done and there is no turning back. Now he’s taken her to his family’s home. She’s seen their faces and knows their name. Letting her go isn’t an option, but he is not a killer.

Hooper’s temper terrifies Dawsey. Dawsey’s defiance irritates Hooper. Neither one of them expects to fall in love. As they learn about each other, they come to understand the other and their feelings start to grow. But for a relationship to work they must deal with the past and some secrets are best left alone.

Marcia Gruver opens her new series, Backwoods Brides strong with Raider’s Heart. A tale of romance, adventure, and faith unfolds grasping the reader’s attention. Raider’s Heart is a story of forgiveness and letting God take control amidst tragedy. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and couldn’t put it down, consequently reading it in one sitting. The novel has one of those “feel-good” endings that while not the most realistic because it’s a bit too perfect; it is a nice break from real life. Sometimes one enjoys breaking away from reality for a few hours. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, clean romance.

Review copy provided by publisher.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict


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