Digitalis (Book #2 of the Discarded Heroes Series) by Ronie Kendig

digitalisGenre: Military Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publication Date: January 2011

Colton “Cowboy” Neely is broken. Years of faithful service to the military have shattered his mind. He can’t differentiate reality from the vivid flashbacks. When an episode ends with Colton pointing a gun at his own daughter, he knows something has to change. Hoping to save Colton, a friend recruits him into the covert group Nightshade.

While things look better, Colton has come to grips with the knowledge that he can never share his life with a woman. He is fine with that decision until he meets Piper Blum. Somehow she manages to make the war-weathered soldier’s heart melt. But who would want a broken down cowboy? Definitely, not her. Still, the harder he fights his feelings, the deeper they grow.

When things don’t turn out to be what they appear, Colton finds himself on a mission that will take him to the Promised Land — a place he never wanted to set foot in again. In Israel, Colton must battle more than just bad guys; he must fight for his heart, soul, and mind. Maybe there he’ll find the promise of hope and love.

Just when I thought Ronie Kendig’s books couldn’t get any better, she wows me once more. In Digitalis, the second book of her Discarded Heroes Series, Kendig offers a story full of suspense, love, and faith. Though faith is an integral part of her stories and characters, I never feel preached at. Saying they have faith is like saying they have brown eyes. It’s a part of who they are. Kendig is the Karen Kingsbury of Christian Suspense.

In a world where loving Israel is so unpopular, it is refreshing to find an author who truly values and respects God’s land. I also thoroughly enjoyed that some of the characters were Messianic Jews. As a Messianic Believer, I could really identify with them.

While Digitalis can stand alone, you won’t want to miss any part of the series. This book is a must read for those who enjoy suspense and romance all wrapped up in one.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thanks!

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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