Seeds of Summer by Deborah Vogts

seedsofsummerGenre: Romance
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication Date: June 2010

Rodeo Queen, Natalie Adams thought she lost everything down beneath the weight of the tractor that took her father’s life. At 22, she is forced to take over the family ranch and raise her two siblings — a rebellious teenager and a lonely child. Natalie believes she’s hit rock bottom. Instead, more trouble knocks on her door in the form of her long lost and presumed dead step-mother.

Jared Logan arrives in Diamond Falls to pastor his first church — a congregation that resists change. He isn’t prepared to meet Dillon, a boy in dire need of a male role model, but a fishing trip plunges him into the middle of a breaking family. As Jared attempts to befriend Dillon and help the struggling family, the proud and independent Natalie fights him every step of the way.

In Seeds of Summer, Deborah Vogts shows that the best way to face our fears is through faith. Natalie is forced to confront the faith she turned away from as a child, while Jared wrestles with his motives for becoming a pastor. Vogts also tackles the complicated issue of mixed faith relationships.

Seeds of Summer sticks to the classic boy-meets-girl plot. While the plotline and conversations felt cheesy at times, I still enjoyed this easy read. I recommend Seeds of Summer to anyone looking for a good, clean romance with Christian values.

Review copy provided  by publisher.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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