The Ark by Boyd Morrison

arkGenre: Thriller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: May 2010

At the frantic request of Sam Watson, a lifelong family friend, archaeologist Dilara Kenner shortens her excavation trip in Peru and hurries back to Los Angeles. Sam won’t share any details, but he insists she tell no one about their conversation. At their rendezvous, Sam informs her of a group planning an attack that will kill millions in an attempt to create a new and “better” world. Sam claims he has discovered they are the same group responsible for her father’s disappearance three years ago. Her father, renowned archaeologist Hasad Arvadi, had spent his life searching for Noah’s Ark and, according to Sam, Hasad found proof of its existence, but never had the chance to share his discoveries. Before Sam can tell her everything, he is poisoned. With his final breaths he tells her to elicit Tyler Locke’s help and gives her several key words, “Hayden … Project … Oasis … Genesis … Dawn …” At first, Dilara is tempted to brush off his words, but when a Black SUV runs her into oncoming traffic, she realizes her mistake. Dilara doesn’t understand why, but she knows one thing for sure, she must find Tyler Locke and figure out how he fits in to the mess that has just taken over her life.

Tyler Locke is an engineer and co-founder of Gordian Engineering. He is doing a job on the Scotia One oil platform when he receives a puzzling call from a so called Dr. Kenner. Dilara travels to the Scotia One and Tyler believes she’s crazy especially when she insists the key to preventing the attack is finding the lost ark. But when he witnesses a couple attempts on her life, the last one intended for him as well, Tyler is forced to admit there may be truth in her words after all.

So begins Dilara’s and Tyler’s adrenaline pumping race against the clock to not only save their own lives, but millions of innocent people. The cat-and-mouse hunt will not only take them across countries, but also continents as they search for an unknown threat as well as a historical artifact that many doubt ever existed.

The Ark by Boyd Morrison offers an interesting mixture of the past, present, and maybe not so distant future. Dilara is a representation of those who believe there can be some truth to the Biblical stories, even if not literal. Tyler on the other hand, only believes what he sees.

The line between reality and fiction is so blurred in this book; often the reader won’t know one from the other. This gives the novel a realistic feel despite the large amount of unrealistic content such as the disease they discover, or some of the technology used. For the most part, I enjoyed this blur between reality and fiction. I liked not always knowing what was real and what belonged to Morrison’s imagination. However, I felt disappointed by his loose interpretation of the Biblical story. Still, since it is a piece of fiction I don’t believe the loose interpretation takes away from the novel. For romantics, a budding romance does spark between the two characters, but it never takes over, the novel remains a thriller through and through. The Ark offers a fun and interesting read that I would recommend to those who enjoy a good-paced thriller.

Review copy provided by Simon & Schuster.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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