Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

dearjohnGenre: Romance
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: November 2009

Joining the Army was the first good decision John Tyree made in a long time. After graduating high school he wasted several years aimlessly wandering from one job to the next, spending his money as quickly as he made it. The Army changed all that giving him purpose, direction, and leading him to Savannah Lynn Curtis.

John is home on leave when Savannah arrives in town leading a group of college students who are building homes for two local families. When her purse with all her valuables is accidentally knocked over the pier, John dives in after it. An immediate attraction quickly grows to love and when John leaves to finish his tour of duty, Savannah promises to wait for him and write in the meantime.

9/11. The world changes, including John and Savannah. While he feels it’s his duty to re-enlist, Savannah, proud and supportive of his decision, continues living in a world that John really has no part in. She has her studies, her friends and her routine. Eventually, new attachments form which challenge John and Savannah’s long-distance relationship.

In Dear John, Nicholas Sparks masterfully emotionally entangles the reader. His/her emotions become enmeshed with the characters’, rising with their highs and crashing with their lows. Tears of joy and pain will intermingle. While this book doesn’t crescendo into the perfect fairy tale ending, it does reach a powerful and realistic conclusion.

I sat in silence for a little while after reading this book. I couldn’t just set it down and move on I had to consider what I’d read and sort through all the feelings brought by the novel.

There is one point in the story where Sparks clearly says the characters have sexual relations, but he does not go into detail. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romances, especially those that reach the emotions and make one think.

Review copy provided by Grand Central Publishing.

**Originally posted on Fiction Addict.


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