Cold River by Carla Neggers

coldriverGenre: Mystery, Romance
Publisher: Mira
Publication Date: November 2009

Hannah Shay lived in Black Falls all her life. While life has never been easy, the recent attack that shocked the small town and left several dead has made everything harder. Her own brother barely escaped with his life and now people suspect the killers had inside help. Hannah fights the increasing fear that a man she grew up with is involved as she juggles running her café, studying for the bar exam, the speculations and aftermath of the recent violence, as well as dealing with the Cameron brothers.

Sean Cameron has returned to town hoping to uncover why assassins targeted and murdered his father. Hannah’s behavior together with theories he’s compiled of the event convince Sean the young woman is hiding something. He struggles to win her trust hoping to uncover the truth, but in doing so he risks losing his heart to the beautiful and stubborn woman.

Cold River is the second book in the Black Falls Series, although readers will quickly pick up the story line. Carla Neggers explains the events of the previous book—maybe too much so. Hearing the same story from every character quickly became annoying.

Neggers also tends to spell everything out. The author makes the characters’ thoughts and feelings clear through their actions and words, only to go on and state what they are. Neggers should give the reader the benefit of the doubt and tell him/her once. Sadly, this urge to explain led to much unnatural dialogue as Neggers forces too much information. The character’s unrealistic conversations slowed the story.

That aside, while Cold River presents no new takes on the romance/mystery genre, the novel provides a few hours of easy and entertaining reading. A couple of swear words show up occasionally, but it’s nice to find a book that isn’t filled with vulgar language. Readers should be aware that there is one sex scene which anyone who wishes to can easily skip and miss nothing. While this isn’t the kind of book I’d read a second or third time, its fine for a one-time read.

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