Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark

justtakemyheartGenre: Thriller
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: April 2009

The Queen of Suspense delivers yet another page-turner. With her new thriller, Just Take My Heart, Mary Higgins Clark keeps her audience anxiously flipping pages, begging to know what follows.

Clark plunges the reader into a tangle of deceit and lies with the murder of Broadway star, Natalie Raines. Her killer walks free for two years until Jimmy Easton, a repeating offender, speaks up. He claims Gregg Aldrich, the victim’s estranged husband, hired him to murder Natalie.

The high-profile case falls to Emily Wallace, a rising assistant prosecutor with a strong sense of justice. As the trial progresses, complications arise from every angle and Emily must fight strange, conflicting sentiments that defy logic. The media frenzy surrounding the case also brings to light some of Emily’s personal affairs, such as her heart transplant — a fact she hoped to keep quiet because of the male chauvinists at her workplace who want nothing more than to prove Emily not fit for the job.

In Just Take My Heart, Clark explores the mystery surrounding heart transplant patients and the transfer of donor memories. The novel leaves the reader questioning if such a phenomenon is indeed possible and, if so, how?

Clark does not disappoint fans with this book and first-time readers receive a good taste of this seasoned suspense writer’s talent. After waiting so long to read this novel, I’m sad it’s finished. I now look forward to Clark’s next book.

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